Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I haven't blogged in so long, life has had me trapped.... So much going on that i feel at my wits end....
Broke up with my Fiance, Had a Dry Socket (sooo painful) & my Brother passed away suddenly 3weeks ago and im feeling as if things aren'y going to get better anytime soon...Im trying to keep positive but it's really getting hard. Just wishing everything and everyone would back off and give me a breather!
Not to mention trying to settle the house, which is stressful in itself... Keep telling myself just BREATHE!!!!
As for my weight loss, it's going great, well thats about the onlty thing in my life that is at the moment... Im down 45 Kilos to date & I want to lose another 15-18 Kilos then i think thats it... Im feeling alot less lethargic and more motivated & starting to look into Tummy tucks, etc now to fix all the damage iv done to my body over the years...
Its quite frustrating to feel & see all the loose skin especially on my tummy & thighs, moving around, chaffing, and just getting in the way of my New more active lifestyle!
Have found my saviour in the Trinny & Susannah Undies that help flatten and hold all the skin in place...especially when i want to wear nice fitted clothes to show off my new shape.
Another thing iv noticed thats even HARDER then losing the weight is training my MIND & learning to see myself & my body in a different way, stopping the negative self loathing thoughts & trying to look past ALL the skin...The weight has gone but the insecurities still remain! That sux! But after 25 years in the making it will take time i guess.
Thats one thing iv noticed is that the After Care ( emotional & mental side) of Lap Banding is lacking, well atleast around here... Im seriously considering forming a local support group to share experiences, tips, clothes, recipes, and maybe outings... I think its vital to address both the Physical & emotional aspects of weight loss!
Off to see Metallica on Saturday, can't wait... Then fly to Melbourne a week later to see them again :) Thank god, i need a holiday sooo bad, its only 3days but it will be great!!!!
Well im glad iv shared the latest with you all & hope people are still enjoying following my Blog, please leave me some comments, as i LOVE reading them :)
Be safe & Well